The Opener

What’s up guys? My name is Ghia and—–

What is the first blog post assumed to be about? It’s an opener to the rest of your writing, of course. But how does that translate without being too cliche? “Hello all! my name is–” just doesn’t seem to pull me in. Sure, my name is important, but knowing that doesn’t make my writing any more or any less inventive. Though, one could argue that knowing you’re eating Jiffy peanut butter could make the experience of peanut butter a little better, if that was your preferred brand. Then again, I’d have to be your favorite brand in order for that example to apply. Do people usually ramble in the first post? I mean, how could they not? The main purpose of this post is to facilitate conversation. What do you guys want to talk about? Comment your topics below. I don’t want this experience to only consist of me talking to an invisible audience. I want to build relationships and create discussion. Let’s build together.


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